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Looking for an apartment in another country has a lot of concerns; choosing the area, quality, prices, security, workplace, etc.
"Housecom" gives you wonderful solution that meets your needs and helps you with anything related to living in Japan so you can feel safety and comfort in your new home.

Room introduction and life consultation are free.
Housecom has over 180 stores nationwide, so you can find an apartment anywhere in Japan


Housecom offers two plans for foreign nationals: GLOBAL SUPPORT PLAN and BASIC PLAN. You can choose the plan according to your experience in Japan.


This plan is recommended for those who are coming to Japan for the first time, those who are uneasy about communicating in Japanese, and those who feel troublesome various procedures. You will make a sublease contract with Housecom for your favorite room, so you can live with peace of mind from move-in to move-out.

  • Languages (English/Chinese)

    Languages (English/Chinese)

    No worries about the languages. We are able to communicate in both English and Chinese.

  • No Guarantor needed

    No Guarantor needed

    Usually, in order to rent an apartment in Japan, The guarantor would be required for the lease agreement. However, when you rent an apartment through our global support plan, the guarantor is not needed, so the initial cost can be reduced as a result.

  • Company Housing

    Company Housing

    Instead of your company, we will search for the room of the employee and do the contract and move-in procedure. Please rest assured that we will follow the rules.

  • Service Fee

    Service Fee

    At the time of the contract, you will be required to pay the monthly equivalent (including tax). VISA or MasterCard is available.

  • Credit settlement

    Credit settlement

    You can pay with a credit card from the cost of move-in to the monthly rent payment. You don't need a Japanese bank account. Monthly rent is automatically settled.

  • Utilities


    Please leave to us all the necessary procedures such as the setting of water, electricity, gas, internet, furniture appliances when moving in. You can start a comfortable life from the day you move in.


This plan is a simple room introduction service recommended for those who have abundant experience in Japan and those who are good at Japanese.

Eligibility(Who is eligible to apply)

Applicants with a long-term visa, such as a working, student, working holiday, or permanent resident (PR) visa. We are unable to accept applicants with tourist visa.


Multilingual staff

Housecom has a large number of foreign staff. If you are worried about speaking Japanese, we can help you find your room without any language problem.


Searching for a room in Japan is very difficult for foreigners.
Here are some useful FAQs for finding a room.
Please feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Q.What kind of cost dose it take?
The money you pay to the landlord every month to rent a room.
Common service costs/administration costs This is the common cost for all the people who live there. For example, it varies depending on the apartment, such as entrance lighting, corridor cleaning, and elevator electricity bills. Pay monthly to the landlord along with the rent.

Security deposit
Money temporarily deposited with the landlord. It is often set for one to two months of rent, and unlike key money, it will be returned on leaving, However, If the room is damaged or soiled, it may not return.

Key money
It is a Japanese custom that pays as a “Thank you for renting an apartment" to the landlord and is usually set for one to two months of rent. Recently, however, there are many properties without key money. Key money will not be refunded when you leave.

Brokerage fee
This is a commission paid to the real estate company that mediates the contract business. The brokerage fee is 1 month's rent.
Q.What is needed?
Before entering Japan: Passport and Certificate of Eligibility.
After entering Japan: Passport and Resident card.
Q.How long will it take?
Once you have decided on your room, you will be able to move in after one to two weeks. It depends on the situation of the room.

Job Support


Housecom supports overseas employment and studying abroad. We partner with FORTH VALLEY CONCIERGE, a company that provides consulting and support for foreigners who wish to work in Japan. Connect Job is a direct recruiting platform for foreign job seekers who want to work in Japan and companies that want to hire excellent human resources who are ready to work regardless of nationality.

Connect Job

Company Info

A room hunting professional will introduce you the perfect room from over 700,000 rooms nationwide.


  • Head office location: Shinagawa East One Tower 9th Floor, 2-16-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
  • TEL:03-6717-6900FAX:03-6717-6901
  • Date of Establishment: July 1, 1998
  • Capital: 424.63 million yen
  • Number of employees: 991 (as of March 31, 2019)
  • Number of stores: 180 stores nationwide, over 100 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Listed stock exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange Market 1st Section (Code 3275)
  • Business contents: Brokerage and management of real estate objects, property insurance agency