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Are you looking for an apartment or a room to rent in Tokyo or in other region of Japan? Housecom can provide you everything from cheap guesthouse/sharehouse and rooms to exspensive luxery apartments.


Housecom has two plans for foreigners, GLOBAL SUPPORT PLAN and BASIC PLAN. We support a wide range of customers: from Japan's first time visitors to those who have visited Japan many times.


Global Support Plan is an all-included service package designed to help foreigners find the right accommodation and support you with all the necessary preparation even before your arrival in Japan. This variant is recomented for those people who visit Japan for the first time and feel some trouble with organizing house facility.

  • Languages


    Having trouble with the Japanese language? No need to worry. We offer our services in 6 different languages. So you won’t have any problem speaking to our staff members.

  • No Guarantor

    No Guarantor

    Usually, in order to rent an apartment in Japan you have to register with a Japanese Guarantor company. However the annual cost and initial fee is often pretty expensive, normally around 50-100% of your monthly rent as an Initial cost plus an annual maintains fee at around 10.000yen. However when you rent an apartment through the global support plan, we will not ask you for a guarantor, so this is not an extra cost you have to worry about.

  • Company Housing

    Company Housing

    We also handle corporate housing arrangements, contract procedures, and furniture arrangements. Our service saves you from unnecessary work.

  • Service Fee

    Service Fee

    Depends on property, there is also less than usual initial registration fee. We accept any VISA or MasterCard.

  • Pay with Credit Card

    Pay with Credit Card

    Normally when you rent an apartment in Japan you will have to create a Japanese bank account in order to pay your rent, but with our service package you can pay all your Initial fees and monthly rent with your already existing credit card.Further, your rent will be automaticlly charged from your registed credit card.

  • Utilities


    With our service package you don’t have to worry about anything. We will have taken care of everything you need to live a comfortable life, even before your arrival in Japan. Our service includes the installation of Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet, and furniture.


This is the plan for customers with high level of Japanese and persons which have large experience living in Japan.

During moving to another area, there are many concerns such as location of school or work.

Don`t worry! We can introduce you a cozy and beautiful property that is perfect for you.

In addition, you can have consulting with Housecom about any concerns or worries that are related to living.


Housecom supports employment and study abroad services both in Japan and abroad. We have partnered with Connect Job to give our users wider opportunities. Connect Job automatically matches professionals with the companies that need their expertise.

Connect Job

Room searching is very difficult for foreigners

For foreigners, it`s very difficult to find and rent a room in the Japanese real estate market. There are many cases when real estate companies refuse foreigners in renting or a in getting Japanese guarantor. Besides, when you visit real estate companies to find your room, you may get uncooperative actions. At Housecom, we aim to make everybody happy through living in apartments that we are provide, without regard to nationality. For that reason we have developed proposals exactly for foreigners.

Eligibility (Who is eligible to apply)

Applicants with a long-term visa, such as a working, student, working holiday, or permanent resident (PR) visa. We are unable to accept applicants with tourist visa.

Company Info

We have more than 550.000 properties national wide to select from.

So you can rest assured that we will be able to find one that suits your needs. We also offer housing insurances and free Professional consulting.


  • Date of Establishment: July 1, 1998
  • Head office location: Shinagawa East One Tower 9th Floor, 2-16-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
    TEL:03-6717-6900, FAX:03-6717-6901
  • Listed stock exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange Market 2nd Section (Code 3275)
  • Business contents: Brokerage and management of real estate objects, property insurance agency


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